Vagabond Oil


The legend of the oil Vagabond

In the kingdom of England, in the year 1664, there were four robbers who were actually spice merchants and traders. They imported spices, including cinnamon and cloves of India. When the Black Death struck, all ships and international trade were closed. Unable to do business, the spice merchants quickly ran out of money, and they had to find a way to support themselves.

Since everyone was afraid to touch the corpses, they decided to loot the houses and the bodies of the plague victims. They took clothing, jewelry, pots and pans, then bartered them for food and money. They knew they would not be sick if they rubbed their bodies with a mixture of oil and some spices.

They worked their plan and they succeeded in creating a very lucrative business. When the king heard the story of the robbers, he wanted to know their secret. He wanted to know how they could touch the bodies without being sick! How could they protect themselves against this dreaded disease? He summoned for them to be captured.

Once captured, the four robbers were brought before the king. He gave them the choice : either to share their secret formula or be burned alive at the stake. The four robbers decided to share their secret formula with the king. So goes the story of the four robbers.

Dusenza recreated the original formula used by the thieves and named it The Vagabond oil.

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