Animal care

Natural products for your animal

chien-courseThe idea of developing a range of products for animal care has been inspired by our own pet, an adorable rescued dog.  Subsequently, the project has taken shape over the years, taking into account the needs of our four legged customers.  At DuSenza, we are among the first companies to have taken the initiative to create natural pet products, because we believe that our pets have an important place in your lives and we gave ourselves the mission to help you in providing your pet with quality care.  Indeed, the benefits of natural products are just as effective for animals as for humans. This is why our team has developed a range of products designed specifically for the needs of your pet.

Particularities of our animal care products

In order to create products suitable for pets, DuSenza took into account their specific needs and focused its efforts on the production of balms and ointments easily applied and specially formulated for your companions.

See our natural products for animals

Paw protection Balm

The Paw Protection Balm is among the best sellers.  It protects paws from exposure to intense cold, ice and road salt which can hurt and burn your dog’s paws.  To remedy this, the protective balm creates a protective layer on the pads of your pet’s paws and protects from potential frostbite that may occur.

Exclusive Skin-Magik

DuSenza is also known for its exclusive ointment Skin-Magik.  Inspired by our Gardener’s Secret balm, the formula of Skin-Magik was made to better suit the needs of animals, it is particularly effective in treating various types of skin conditions such as hot spots, rashes, itching, dry skin, insect bites or even eczema.  Skin-Magik is now recognized for its benefits and is one of the favorite products of our customers.

The DuSenza quality

At DuSenza, we know how important your pet is to your family and we believe it is important to use quality products to better care for them.  This is why all our animal care products are meticulously developed, well balanced formulas that meet the needs of your pet.  Our products are composed of natural ingredients of the highest quality, without unpleasant side effects and are offered at affordable prices.  Our pet line of products is also recognized for its efficiency and for its short and long term benefits.

At DuSenza, we share your love for animals and that is why we are proud to contribute to the health of your pet by offering unique products, promoting health and reducing exposure to chemicals.  Our animal care range is constantly changing and many new products will soon be launched.  Visit our website regularly and do not hesitate to contact us for details about our unique and exclusive products.