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body-care-oil-massageWith the growing variety of body care cosmetics that appear on the market, it is sometimes difficult to discern which are truly the quality products.  Major brands compete to bring to market attractive products, but successful name brands do not guarantee the quality of ingredients that go into the composition of each product.

At DuSenza, our interest in natural products was born from a passion passed down from generation to generation: to discover the benefits of natural elements to assist in healing or well-being.  That is why, for over 15 years, our main concern is to offer personal care products of the highest possible quality using pure natural ingredients, whose origin is known and controlled. To this end, the vast majority of our products are made in our laboratory here in Quebec.  The few raw materials we import, such as Argan oil or Castor oil, are organic and derived from manufacturing processes meeting our quality standards.


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DuSenza has over the years created soothing balm formulas for different skin ailments.  Our lip and hand balms are designed to combat eczema, psoriasis and extremely dry skin.


The oils can be of all kinds and can be used alone or may be incorporated in other products in order to add their unique properties.  DuSenza offers a range of various oils, including vegetable/carrier oils with different properties, natural massage oils and Canadian Emu oil.  Over the years, some of our products have distinguished themselves by their popularity, such as our unique formula Erpa-Sens to fight cold sores and other skin conditions or our roll-on Migra-Sens an effective headache relief.

Our products are designed to relieve a variety of ailments and discomforts, such as burns, insect bites or rashes due to allergies, to name only these.  Our team has even thought to promote relaxation with essential oils to diffuse in our ultrasonic diffusers or to create your own synergies of essential oils blended with one of our carrier oils.

The DuSenza quality

To guarantee the quality of our products, they are created locally from proprietary formulas developed by our own team.  We take care of choosing the ingredients of the highest quality in order to maintain their therapeutic properties.

DuSenza’s quality products are recognized by our loyal customers and other commercial partners involved in their distribution. Building on the success of our products in pharmacies and health food stores, we are now proud to distribute DuSenza products across Canada through our unparalleled customer service.  Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain our quality DuSenza products.