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Organic Castor Oil



Organic Castor Oil is a natural emollient that has proven its effectiveness throughout the ages. Used to soften skin and reinforce hair, this oil is also integrated in various cosmetic products because of its nourishing and protective virtues.

Categories: Carrier Oils
Completely natural
Environmentally friendly


Organic Castor Oil

Castor Oil is considered by many to be one of the best natural skin emollients. Castor oil has been used for millennia. Since then, it
has been used therapeutically to soften skin and maintain healthy hair. It is now commonly used in some of today’s most popular cosmetic and beauty formulas.

Characteristics and benefits:

  • Rich in ricinoleic acid, antibacterial and antifungal that protects skin and hair against infections.
  • Hair and eyelash care; castor oil is known to thicken and strengthen both hair and eyelashes.
  • Relief of joint and arthritic pain when used as a massage oil.
  • Prevention of stretchmarks.
  • Anti-inflammatory when used as a poultice.

How to make a poultice:

  • Heat the castor oil in a saucepan; do not boil.
  • Immerse a piece of gauze or white cotton in the oil until the fabric is saturated.
  • Make sure the gauze is at the correct temperature before placing the poultice on the skin. Apply the cloth to the affected area and cover with plastic or wool to keep it warm.
  • Keep in place for 1-2 hours, as needed.

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