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Himalayan Cedar Essential Oil – Sublime Essence



The Himalayan Cedar’s essential oil stimulates circulation, combats cellulite, and provides a woody aroma that appeases the mind and wards off insects. When used in a diffuser, it purifies the air and promotes relaxation.

Categories: Essential Oils
Completely natural
Environmentally friendly


The essential oil of the Himalayan Cedar is extracted from the Cedrus Deodara tree. This treasure of nature offers many health and wellness benefits. Its essential oil acts efficiently as a lipolitic and lymphatic draining agent, while also possessing antifungal and sedative properties. Ideal to purify the air and revitalize the body, the Himalayan Cedar will enrich your environment by its comforting and appeasing presence.

Essential oils are plant extracts obtained by distillation (bark, leaves or flowers). Plants active principles are extremely concentrated. Therefore, you should always dilute essential oils before using them directly on the skin.


  • Never apply essential oils to the mucous membranes or around the eyes.
  • If you want to use essential oils to treat yourself, talk first to a doctor, an aromatherapist or herbalist.
  • Never use essential oils orally without the advice of a qualified aromatherapist.
  • Keep essential oils out of reach of children; some are deadly poisonous if swallowed.
  • In case of accidental ingestion, take 1 to 10 teaspoons of vegetable oil. Consult a physician or contact a poison control center.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, ears.In case of accidental contact in the eye or on skin, rinse the affected area with vegetable oil.

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