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Sandalwood Fragrance – Perfume Oil for Diffusers



Create an atmosphere conducive to calm and serenity with sandalwood scented fragrance oil. Ideal for moments of meditation, this woody fragrance will awaken your senses while promoting a state of relaxation and well-being.

Categories: Fragrances Oils
Completely natural
Environmentally friendly


Discover Sandalwood’s entracing fragrance. Its rich, deep aroma creates a calming ambiance that helps to lower stress. It brings a touch of natural elegance to your interior spaces thanks to its woody, earthy scent.

Our Fragrance Oils are great to use in ultrasonic diffusers. Only a few drops in the water tank are needed to diffuse efficiently. They are specifically formulated for both skin and hair care formulations, and many are suitable for soaps and candles. The scents are extremely rich, complex, and long-lasting. Fragrance Oils are synthetically compounded, and should not be confused with the 100% natural Essential Oils used in Aromatherapy.

Please note that all our Fragrance Oils are paraben-free.

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