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Benefit from the exceptional virtues of emu oil with Emu-Magik. Perfect for all skin types, this unique formula helps to relieve inflammation, reduce redness and speed up the healing of scar tissue. Emu oil is also famous for its anti-agin benefits, providing smoother and visibly younger-looking skin.

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Completely natural
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Since the beginning of time, man turned to nature to find ways to alleviate disease. Many years ago, Australian Aborigines discovered the health benefits of emu oil in daily life.

Our emu oil is made in Canada and is carefully refined to offer the best quality available to date. It is creamy, odourless and of nutritional quality. Our emu oil meets or surpasses international standards applicable to emu oil. Testing of our oil revealed it to be very hypoallergenic and presenting an extremely high degree of purity.

Emu oil is currently used in a variety of products, notably: skin moisturizers, shampoos, lip balm, pain relief products, balms, soaps, sunscreens and other cosmetics that benefit the quality of everyday life.

Emu oil contains high levels of Linoleic acid, a substance known for its properties of temporary joint pain relief, and of Oleic acid, a substance that has local anti-inflammatory effects on skin tissue.

    • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – Rich in many essential fatty acids that the body can absorb and use to produce hormones that regulate body functions, emu oil provides the necessary body-healing tools.
    • BACTERIOSTATIC AND NON-COMEDOGENIC – Combats the growth of bacteria and, contrary to other natural oils, emu oil does not obstruct pores.

ANTI-AGING EFFECT – Emu oiled is unmatched for its hydrating properties. Studies have shown that aging skin becomes 2 to 3 times thicker and that age spots and wrinkles were reduced significantly.

  • ARTHRITIS AND JOINT PAIN – Emu oil soothes stiff muscles and joints, and reduces inflammation and swelling of arthritic joints. Laboratory testing and analyses of emu oil in Australia and the United States have confirmed that emu oil has the capacity to reduce joint inflammation. Treatment: rub warm oil on the joint. Repeat if necessary.
  • BED SORE TREATMENT – Use emu massage oil or emu balm on the affected area. Repeat as required.
  • BURNS – Emu oil has shown great efficiency against burns. It soothes pain and reduces scarring and blistering. Treatment: Use emu massage oil or emu balm on the affected area. Repeat as required.
  • CHRONIC INJURIES – Strained muscles, sprains, injured ligaments and even heel spurs that can affect athletes and sports enthusiasts respond well to treatment with emu oil, which results in healing that is up to 50% faster. Many professional sports teams now use emu oil for massaging in their training rooms. Treatment: massage warm emu oil on the affected area. Repeat as required.
  • CUTS, SCRAPES AND CONTUSIONS – Emu oil relieves pain and inflammation resulting from cuts and scrapes without producing and itching or burning sensation, and helps the healing process. Treatment: Use emu oil or emu balm on the affected area. Repeat as required.
  • SKIN AND HAIR CARE – Can be used on nails, hair, and lips. Emu oil strengthens dry and brittle hair, helps to eliminate split ends and gives hair a natural, healthy shine. Hair growth has even been reported in certain cases. Treatment: For dry skin, rub skin at the affected area. Hair care: rub oil on the scalp and leave on for a few hours. You can also add ¼ teaspoon to your regular quantity of shampoo for a single use.
  • INSECT STINGS – Relieves pain and inflammation. Also makes an efficient insect repellent for children and animals. Treatment: Apply emu oil or emu balm on the affected area. Repeat as required.
  • CHILDHOOD GROWING PAINS – Ligaments and tendons can become inflamed as they stretch. Treatment: rub warm oil on the joint at bed time. Repeat as required.
  • HEMORRHOIDS – Emu oil relieves itching and swelling caused by dilating veins in the rectal area. Treatment: Apply the oil on the painful area as required.
  • PSORIASIS and ECZEMA – Emu oil acts as a therapeutic balm by hydrating skin and reducing itching, redness, fissured or cracked skin, and desquamation (including that associated with many stubborn skin ailments, notably bed sores resulting from prolonged illness). Some hospitals that treat patients in long-term care use emu oil and achieve good results with patients suffering from bed sores. Treatment: Apply Emu oil on the affected area. Repeat as required.


How is pure emu oil used? A few drops of emu oil are sufficient to rub or massage the affected area. Skin must not feel greasy after the treatment. If skin feels oily or greasy after treatment, it is because too much oil was used. Repeat as required. To warm up the oil, place the bottle in warm/hot water for a few minutes. Once the oil has liquefied, it is warm.

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